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Office Phone:    778-434-3070
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Request for Application Form

How to Apply

How to apply to the FVOPA Certification Program

FVOPA sends application packs to interested parties electronically. Click here to download a Request for Application package or email FVOPA for an application package.

Initial Application Fees

Please email FVOPA  to request a copy of FVOPA's Policies & Procedures and Quality Manual or FVOPA's Internal Standard.

If you are currently certified and you wish to change Certification Bodies, please contact the FVOPA Administrator and request a File Transfer Form.  This form is then submitted to your current certification body to allow your files to be sent to  FVOPA, thus assisting in a smooth transition. 

Email your request for an application to FVOPA’s Administrator


fax to 1-866-230-0322 (toll free)

Phone: 778-434-3070 (office)