Steps To Certification

How to become a Certified Organic Producer, Processor, Packer, Importer or Distributor follows a straightforward path.
  1. Firstly, complete request for application form or contact the FVOPA Administrator  by email or by phone directly.
  2. FVOPA will send by email, a set of application forms and a list of required supporting documents.
  3. Upon reciept of all completed forms (electronically) and payment of certification fees FVOPA will begin the process.
  4. The Certification Committee (CC) then carry out an initial review of the application.
  5. Once the application is approved, an Inspection is arranged.
  6. Once the inspection has taken place, the Inspector submits the inspection reports to the CC for review.
  7. The certification decision is made by the CC based upon the Inspection reports and supporting documentation.
  8. The operator is then sent a report letter stating the CC's conclusions regarding the operations compliance with the Canada Organic Standards.
  9. If there are certification conditions, the operator is given a set time frame to submit the necessary information.
  10. If there are no conditions, the Organic Certificate, or Attestation of Compliance will be issued.
  11. In some cases a second inspection may be required before the Certificate is issued.